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5 Reasons Schools Should Teach Debate to Students

by Erik Fogel | Aug 20, 2016 12:37:19 AM
"According to Dr. Shelly Johnson, author of Everyday Debate, “developing a debater’s mind will help [individuals] think more critically about the world around,” while also “enabling [individuals] to ...
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Listen to Former High School Debater Hillary Clinton's Breakout Graduation Speech in College on Student Activism

by Erik Fogel | Aug 19, 2016 11:49:34 PM
Check out former High School Debater, Hillary Clinton's graduating speech in college. "Clinton’s remarks transformed her, virtually overnight, into a national symbol of student activism. Wire ...
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Public Speaking Tips from a Former High School Debater and Forbes Magazine "Top 100 Celebrities" - Tony Robbins!

by Erik Fogel | Aug 13, 2016 3:35:44 AM
Great article last week in Forbes Magazine on former High School Debater and Motivational Speaker, Tony Robbins. Robbins besides being on the high school debate team was also his High School's ...
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Remembering Ralph Bunche, High School Debater, College Debater, Debate Team President, United Nations Undersecretary General, Civil Rights and Peace Activist

by Erik Fogel | Aug 13, 2016 3:22:13 AM
Great article last week published on high school, college debater, President of the Debate Team and Queens, New York resident Ralph Bunche. Bunche besides being an award winning debater was the first ...
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Invisibilia: No One Thought This All-Woman's Debate Team Could Crush It

by Erik Fogel | Aug 6, 2016 8:29:16 PM
"One by one, before their weekly debating practice, each debater would walk to the front of the room, strike a "power pose," and say something to remind everyone in the room that she is powerful. ...
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Introduction to the NYC Urban Debate League Video!

by Erik Fogel | Aug 6, 2016 7:10:32 PM
Check out our newest video about the New York City Urban Debate League!  NYC Urban Debate League Video
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Why Debating Still Matters!

by Erik Fogel | Aug 6, 2016 6:49:07 PM
“The essence of free speech is that we allow people with whom we disagree to speak. Wrongheaded views will be aired. But free speech means no one gets the last word. We can - and indeed, we should - ...
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