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by Erik Fogel | Apr 24, 2016 1:46:08 AM |

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The NYCUDL was honored to attend this week’s Democratic primary debate at the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard! The 9th debate saw Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, both with significant ties to New York, sound off on guns, Wall Street, minimum wage, carbon tax and more. Maspeth HS Senior, Uros Petrovic and Brooklyn Tech Senior, Olivia Cherry who turn 18 in time for the general election were inspired by the debate which highlighted the importance of civic engagement in youth.

According to Uros Petrovic (Maspeth High School),

Overall I felt that the debate was a “wash” in terms of who was a clear cut winner, b]oth debaters won different topics but ultimately neither candidate outweighed the other in terms of what they were solving for and what "actually mattered.” Bernie showed how his $15 minimum wage was better than Hillary’s $12 minimum but never showed how that problem was more important than lets say foreign policy which Hillary won. Then when it came down to credentials Hillary is "more qualified” - recently her reputation has been muddled causing a lack of trust. Bernie Sanders has a difficult time explaining how he is going to do things like break up the banks or get the funding for free college tuition. I am incredibly grateful to the urban debate league for providing me with this amazing opportunity.

According to Olivia Cherry, Brooklyn Technical HS Senior and heading to the Tournament of Champions next weekend -

"Ultimately Senator Clinton's calm and carefully-worded answers in the debate pulled her slightly ahead of Senator Sanders, and it paid off in her landslide victory in the polls last night. She has always been the better-prepared debater, speaking as if she rehearsed answers beforehand to even the toughest of questions asked. Sanders still maintained his authenticity and frankness on the issues, even if he came off less polished than his opponent.”

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