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Brooklyn Technical HS, Leon Goldstein HS and Sunset Park HS Debaters Win Big at Travel Tournaments this Weekend

by Courtney Kaufman | Dec 6, 2017 11:29:02 AM |

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Congratulations to Brooklyn Tech's Hannah Ravenall and Solenne Wolfe for making it to the quarterfinal round in the Open Policy division at the New York Faceoff in Mamaroneck, New York on December 3rd.


Mennal Zafar and Mubeen Sadaqat from Brooklyn Tech made it to the second year JV breakout in the Open Policy division, placing among the top four JV teams at the tournament.

In Novice Policy, Patrina Dumay, Jeremy Santora, Dashiell Advincula and Amiee Trivino from Brooklyn Tech made it to the octafinal round. Vaughn Burgess received the third place speaker award and Amiee Trivino received fourth.


Dennis Kviecinskas from Leon Goldstein HS (pictured above left) received the sixth place speaker award in Novice Policy.


Congratulations to Sunset Park's Julie Kuang and Larry Gonzalez for making it to the double octofinals round in Public Forum at the Princeton Classic at Princeton University on December 3rd. Larry and Julie placed among the top thirty-two teams at the tournament. They are pictured above right.

Congratulations to all!

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