Debate Like a Girl Blog: Top Indonesian high school debaters are not congratulated but harassed.

by The New York City Urban Debate League | Aug 7, 2017 9:06:16 PM |

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"Instead of appreciating four of Indonesia’s best and brightest students for their achievements in representing the country at the World Debate Championship of 2017 currently being held in Denpasar, internet trolls took over the congratulatory Facebook post, showing their disapproval over ‘cleavage revealing tops’ worn by the two female debate team members. Since shared to Facebook on Friday, the post has gotten nearly 10,000 reactions and a couple hundred comments, which turn out to be amazingly awful, especially considering that these students are still in high school..."


... "But we have to say, at least for every negative comment, there seems to be a positive comment, urging netizens to “stop objectifying women” and wishing the students good luck with the rest of the competition... “This is an article about the participation of Indonesian youth in an international debate championship. But what you commented first about was the clothing of participants who are in fact high school students (possibly underaged)? Your comment actually has nothing to do with the character of the students, but instead expresses what your brain is like.”


For complete article please click here. (Indonesian high school students congratulated by Ministry of Education for making international debate competition, relentlessly trolled for ‘showing too much cleavage," by Coconuts Bali Aug. 7, 2017, https://coconuts.co/bali/news/viral-indonesian-high-school-students-congratulated-ministry-education-making-international-debate-competition-relentlessly-trolled-netizens-showing-much-cleavage/)

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