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HS Debate Coach Weekly - May 15th

by Erik Fogel | May 14, 2019 3:23:44 PM |

High School Debate League


Hi Everyone!! Lots of exciting things to close out the debate season!!! From voting for our Summer/October/November Public Forum Starters Topic for Beginners!!  to Debate Con to Environmental Debate Night!! to more!!!  RSVP for our last events of the school year!!!  Thanks! - Erik


1.  This Thursday 5pm!! Deadline to decide the PF Novice & Beginners Topic for this Summer, Tournament #1 and Tournament #2.   

We are piloting for the Beginners and Novice Division in both middle school and high school a "Starters Topic" which will have curriculum, sample speeches, etc for the Summer Camps, Tournament #1 (October), and Tournament #2 (November) and then returning to the National Topic.  Intermediate/Junior Varsity and Varsity/Advanced divisions are not affected!! The rationale is this will help all coaches and schools recruit new debaters with an engaging and accessible topic (rather than random topics that are sometimes accessible and sometimes not for new debaters).  This will also give teachers as well as league staff the opportunity to develop curriculum, lessons and resources on this "Starters Topic."  SO PLEASE VOTE ON OUR TOPIC NOMINATIONS!!!  THE POLL IS DUE THURSDAY 5PM!!!!  AND THEN WE WILL BE SHARING OUR STARTERS TOPIC THAT BEGINS NOW - END OF NOVEMBER!  And please let us know any feedback as well. 


Poll Link: 



2.  May 30th High School Year End Awards . RSVP now! 

Celebrate the end of the debate season! Pot Luck!  End of Year Awards! Top Speakers of the Year! Top Schools of the Year!  School MVPs! Spirit Award! And More! Click here to RSVP!


6:00pm - Pot Luck & Dinner (Bring a Dish!)

7:00pm - Awards, Raffles and More!

8:00pm - Departure


3.  June 1st. Judge Training Certification!!!!  

Got Judges?  New Judges?  We offer our first monthly 3 hour workshop and judge certification workshop at our office on Saturday, June 1st 9am-12pm!! Prospective judges will have 1 hour of training, 1 hour of judging and 1 hour of debating!!! RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nyc-adult-debate-workshops-tickets-61743556640


4.  June 5th - Celebrate Debate Spring Fundraiser! Click here to purchase tickets! 

Our annual spring fundraiser to support scholastic debate in New York City! Join us on Wednesday, June 5th for an incredible and inspiring evening to support debate in New York City! Food, drinks, raffles, prizes and more! Click here to purchase tickets! 


5.  June 6th - Debate Educators Conference ("Debate Con XII"). RSVP Now! Click here! 



Join us on Chancellors Professional Development Day for an all day debate workshops! Breakfast, Lunch, debate workshops, guest speakers and more! This workshop also features a student track for High School Team Captains and Student Leaders so please share with your Team Captains. There is a RSVP link on the ticket for Students as well. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spring-debate-con-2019-conference-for-debate-educators-student-leaders-debate-con-xii-tickets-49554149796


6.  June 6th Youth Leadership Council


Every NYC high school debate team can send up to two student representatives to our monthly Youth Leadership Council meetings. Students must be active members of their school's debate teams. We meet monthly over dinner to discuss how to improve the debate league, debate resources, debate opportunities, and any other issues. This is a great opportunity for students to become more involved in the debate league, improve the debate league, develop leadership skills, and participate in additional opportunities.


7.  June 6th EarthJustice Debate Night! RSVP Now! 


There is an opportunity for you all to debate and learn about environmental law. Earthjustice is a non-profit organization based in the United States dedicated to litigating environmental issues. They have a passionate belief that the power of the law can be used to preserve the environment and build a healthier future for all. The Earthjustice Debate Night is a great opportunity to expose students to environmental law. The night will include a networking dinner, debate rounds judged by staff panels (debate topic to be assigned), Earthjustice Presentation, and Earthjustice gifts & awards. 


DATE: JUNE 6 (4-6 PM)


Event link here: https://bit.ly/2vDhubU


The night will include:

  • A networking dinner
  • Debate rounds judged by staff panels (debate topic to be assigned as soon as registration takes place)
  • Earthjustice Presentation
  • Earthjustice gifts & awards.   


8.  June 12th Posse Nominations Due! 

Attention High School Juniors!!! 4 year College Scholarships!!! Proud to partner with the The Posse Foundation to nominate NYC debaters for a 4 Year College Tuition Scholarship! Learn more and apply by June 12th 2019! Submit your nomination form now! http://bit.ly/2JglaZK




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