High School Coaches Weekly - Sign up for HS Tournament #5 by 5pm Tonight!!!!!! Tournament this Saturday!

by Erik Fogel | Jan 28, 2019 6:25:40 AM |

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Hi Everyone!  TWO IMPORTANT REMINDERS FOR TODAY!!  Today 5pm is HS Tournament #5 Registration deadline!  We know its only been a couple weeks since HS Tournament #4 but because of the two weekends effected by Winter Break, we only have this weekend for HS Tournament #5 and next weekend for MS Tournament #5!   Public Forum Coaches - reminder we have all the speeches and materials on our Digital Debate Classroom to walk right into the tournament!   ALSO TODAY! is our Winter Debate Con!!!  Come by 9am for breakfast, keynotes, workshops, lunch, happy hour and more to the NYC Debate Office! 




Location: Midwood High School2839 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, USA map 


Registration: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=10570


Tournament Calendar: https://www.debate.nyc/hs-calendar


PF Topic: Resolved: The United States should end its arms sales to Saudi Arabia.  SEE OUR DIGITAL DEBATE CLASS FOR RESOURCES ON THE TOPIC! 


2. Winter Debate Con IS TODAY!  January 28th! Click here to sign up!

Sign Up Now!!!! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/winter-debate-con-2019-conference-for-debate-educators-debate-con-xi-tickets-49553979286.  You can see our Schedule for the day by clicking here! 



3.  Debater of the Year Nomination! DEADLINE - FEBRUARY 8TH! 

The Debater of the Year and their partner will automatically qualify to the 2018 Urban Debate National Championship Tournament.  The Debater of the Year will also deliver the Key Note address at the Annual Dinner preceding the tournament.


Click here for Debater of the Year Application


Click here for more information about Debater of the Year!



4.  Alumni of the Year Nomination!  DEADLINE - FEBRUARY 8TH! 

The Alumni Ambassador program gathers a prestigious and diverse group of 14-16 dynamic and motivated leaders, who are the young adult face of the urban debate community. Ambassadors will work with students leading up to the Urban Debate National Championship and help administer the tournament in April. NAUDL covers flights, hotels and meals for Alumni Ambassadors. What is awarded? (a) A unique mentoring and community opportunity for urban debate alumni. (b) The opportunity to mentor current debaters and learn new skills throughout the weekend.  (c) Represent the urban debate community at the Annual Dinner.  (d) Attend a training in Chicago in April and the UDNC in Washington, D.C. in April. (e) All meals, lodging and travel expenses will be covered for both trips.


Click here for Alumni Ambassador Application

Click here for Recommendation Form

Click here for Brochure



5.   Digital Debate Public Forum Debate Class!!!!! Now Live!!


So we are working on a digital debate classroom that teachers as well as students can directly access. Click here for video intro!  The online class will be devoted to each month’s PF topic. You can access topic lectures, videos, sample speeches for both speakers, topic glossaries, games + games + games + games, and more. And definitely let us know for any other features. Teachers and students can directly enroll and so you can pass on the enrollment links below to your students. You can also just plug and play resources into your own lessons and practices - lectures, games, videos, news articles. And more features soon as we continue to build it out, folks share feedback and please share any resources you would like to include - lesson plans, activities, etc and we can post.  PLEASE let us know any feedback!  We sent a link to all registered coaches. Please email us at info@debate.nyc if you did not receive the invitation!  And check out intro video! - 
Intro Video



6. HS Public Forum City Debate Championships Update!!  Financial Literacy Debate Topic and Coach Stipends Coming Soon! 

Sponsored by Citibank!  Financial Literacy Topic!  Coach Stipends for Title I Schools!  And more! Our March City Championships High School Public Forum Debate Division will feature a unique Financial Literacy Topic sponsored by Citibank which will be sponsoring the tournament and also generously providing $500.00 coach stipends for NYC Title I school coaches to participate!!!!   You heard that right!!!... Get Paid for Attending City Championships!!!!  Not sure if we can do this every year. But this year thanks to the generosity of Citibank, lots of exciting opportunities at the Citi Championships. We are still finalizing debates.  More information so far - https://www.debate.nyc/financial-literacy-debates./   The topic for High School Public Forum Debate City Championships is : 

Resolved: It is a better financial decision to use discretionary income to pay down debt than to use discretionary income to invest in a retirement account.  Materials will be available and more information later! 


7.   High School States Championships Bids Updates!!! 

At City Championships, each high school can send two teams per division and per event!  Totally up to you what teams!!! Have your own mini tournament! Select based on overall record!!  or other method!  For State Champs however, it is through "bids" - at least 2 winning record tournaments... with the same partner!! More info and bid list on our State Champs website - https://www.debate.nyc/the-new-york-state-debate-championship



8.  Student Tournament Internship Application

 Have students Interested in getting more involved? Interested in doing other things besides debating? Need an internship for high school, college or career? Then apply for our Student Tournament Internship Program. We are looking for high school students and upper middle school students interested in helping at tournaments in all the different ways how tournaments run. Learn more by clicking here: https://www.debate.nyc/tournament-internship


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