HS Tournament #2 Registration Closes Today 5pm! (Monday, 11/12/18)

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Hi Everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!  High School Tournament #2 is open to registration and CLOSES 5PM TODAY!  Click here to sign up!   Reminder you can add "TBA entries" and change names by Wednesday. Also, thanks to coach feedback we have added an Intermediate/Junior Varsity Division to our High School Public Forum Tournaments which will now feature Beginners, Novice, Intermediate and Open/Advanced Divisions.  FINALLY, 9am!!!!  is the deadline to be physically at the tournament and register. That was the big issue with HS Tournament #1. Students/Schools arriving late can still compete in Rounds 2 and 3. But please make sure to plan accordingly for 9am arrival. Only a teacher/adult can register students. 


Tournament Registration Link (Registration deadline is 5pm!)



New Division! Junior Varsity/intermediate Division.

This is for students in their Freshmen/Sophomore years, former middle school debaters. 



100 W Mosholu Pkwy S, Bronx, NY 10468


Support Resources

Think your teams are not ready? Need more materials? Contact our staff! Best way to learn is to try!!:





General Reminders


1.  Public Forum Debate Resources. Updated Weekly from the NYC Debate Center.

The New York City Debate Center is located at our office and provides weekly instruction for students and coaches.  NYCUDL coaches are welcome to drop in to observe lessons, meet with staff, and also schedule 1-1 professional development training. The Debate Center is also open to all NYCUDL high school students.  We make available to all NYCUDL coaches, the weekly current events quizzes, topic lectures, and other lessons and curriculum at the NYC Debate Center. 


1.  Monthly Topic (National Speech and Debate Association)

2.  Monthly Topic Lectures (Public) (NYC Debate Center and NYC Debate Club)

3.  Monthly Topic Handbooks (NYCUDL Teachers, Password Protected)

4.  Weekly Interactive Current Event Trivia (NYCUDL Teachers, Password Protected)


2.  2018-2019 Tournament Calendar! Save the dates!  NEW CALENDAR SYSTEM! 

We have a new calendar system on our website so you can add the Tournament Calendar to your Google Calendar, iCalendar or other feeds. As well as share via social media, Email, etc. Each tournament location is also linked to Google Calendar for directions. And you will also see a button that takes you to Tabroom.com to register for that tournament. Visit our High School Calendar: https://www.debate.nyc/hs-calendar.


10/20 - NYC High School Tournament #1 - Leon Goldstein HS Hosting Policy Debate. Public Forum - Beacon High School (Confirmed)
11/17 - NYC High School Tournament #2 - Clinton HS (Confirmed)
12/15 - NYC High School Tournament #3 - Brooklyn Tech HS (Confirmed)
1/12 - NYC High School Tournament #4 -  New School tentatively hosting Policy Debate; Thomas Edison HS hosting Public Forum Debate (Confirmed) 
2/2 - NYC High School Tournament #5 - Midwood HS - Confirmed
3/8 - 3/9 - City High School Debate Championships - Need Host! 
4/6-4/7 - New York State High School Debate Championships - William Cullen Bryant HS 
3.   Outreach Support!
Are you a new debate coach in the NYCUDL? Are you a returning coach and need support with restarting your debate team for the new year? Are you a veteran coach that needs assistance on how to move your team to the next level? The NYCUDL is focused on providing support to all of our coaches with our NYCUDL outreach initiative. Coaches can work with our outreach staff and work with you directly (in-person visits, email and/or phone) and provide technical assistance for team management. For more information on outreach, visit our Teacher Resources website. Note - Password Required - limited to NYCUDL schools. https://go.debate.nyc/teacher-resources
Scheduling an Outreach Visit! You can schedule a school support visit with our High School Director and Program Director, Aubrey Semple. Click here to schedule a meeting. This can be over the phone, in person, video conference or whatever best for you!
4.  The High School Debate Center and High School Debate Club! (Saturdays, 12:00pm-2:00pm)
Every Saturday (except for Holidays and High School Tournaments) we have a drop in High School Debate Center for students at our Office, 25 Broadway, 9th Floor. Coaches as well as high school students are welcome to participate in our coaching classes, practice debates, photocopying, etc. Snacks, drinks, and lunch provided! Click here to learn more! 

5.  School Registration for this Year!

No changes from last year! You can sign up by visiting: https://go.debate.nyc/school-registration-2018-2019.  We do have fee waivers for Title I schools that cannot afford and that can host tournaments! Click here - 



6. Getting our Updates? Our Weekly Newsletter and Social Media Updates


7.  College Scholarship Opportunities


College Board Scholarship Program! College Board Opportunity Scholarships program, lays out six key steps in the college application process and gives high school students a chance to win money in monthly drawings tied to each step. The steps for students include, for example, successfully building a college list (six hundred awards of $500 each) and studying for the SATs using Khan Academy's Official SAT Practice resource (fifteen hundred awards of $1,000 each). The College Board offers free online, on demand resources that students can use to complete all six steps. Students who complete all six actions will be eligible for a drawing for twenty-five scholarships worth $40,000 each. You can read more about this program here: http://bit.ly/2AnpIrx.


Calvin Coolidge Scholarship! Attention High School Juniors! Applications open! The Coolidge Scholarship is an annually awarded, full-ride, presidential scholarship that covers a student’s tuition, room, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate study. This one-of-a-kind scholarship may be used at any accredited college or university in the U.S.http://bit.ly/2NXjlid. You can also learn more about college scholarships on our page - http://bit.ly/2O5deJ2. 


National Association of Urban Debate League Nomination for the US Presidential Scholars Award (November 19th)

Attention Graduating Seniors!!! National Urban Debate League Nomination for the US Presidential Scholars Award is now open! Applications due November 19th! Check out our NAUDL student opportunities for more information! https://www.debate.nyc/student-opportunities

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