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Brooklyn Tech HS hosted its graduation ceremony last week and one of its graduates is the New York State Champion, Dante deBlasio.  Dante, who is heading to Yale University in the fall, received an award for the debate club at the graduation ceremony.  Mayor de Blasio delivered the commencement speech.  The mayor said the 17-year-old often had vanquished him during debates in the car on their rides to school.  He praised Dante's work for the Brooklyn Tech debate team, saying he turned their "amicable" morning chats when de Blasio drove his son to school into "meta-blowout debates" after Dante joined the team. "And you can guess who won most of the time," de Blasio said to laughter from the crowd.   New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged his son, Dante—and classmates graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School on Friday—to use their gifts to fight injustice and find “a real sense of the possible.”  Alluding to the deadly shooting Wednesday night at a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., the mayor said, “It would not be unfair for you to feel cynical or angry or frustrated” by such tragic realities.  But he encouraged the eager graduates at Barclays Center to embrace peaceful protest and civic engagement and to work together for a better society.  “Do not stand idly by,” he said, “because your talents are so great and change is needed so badly.” -  (See New York Times Article for full text)

Congratulations again to the Brooklyn Tech High School Debate Team which is one of the largest and most successful debate teams in the city.  And congratulations to our entire graduating class of debaters this year! 

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