Middle School Debate Coach Weekly! (1/3/19) - MS Tournament #4 Coming Up!

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Hi Everyone! Happy New Year and Lots of Exciting New Opportunities!  MS Tournament #4 Coming Up!! NYCUDL is rolling out Version 1.0 of our E-Debate courses!!  Free weekly current events curriculum available!  State Champs Bids Updated!  And more!...... 


General Reminders! Top 10 Reminders! 


1.  Free Current Events Debate & Discussion Curriculum! 

You can access on our Teachers Portal - https://www.debate.nyc/teacher-resources

NewsCurrents Online delivers a weekly discussion-based current events curriculum to every NYCUDL school member. The program covers important national and international news, as well as developments in science, the arts, and more. Subscribers receive 34 issues during the school year. Every issue contains two components: A teacher’s discussion guide (written on three learning levels), and images that go along with each story. The teacher’s guide gives you everything you need to conduct a teacher-directed discussion about important issues, while students focus on the visuals, answer questions, and express opinions. The visuals contain teaching elements like maps, news and historic photos, charts, and more. Consistent weekly use builds background knowledge, critical thinking, and oral expression skills. Aligns with Common Core.


2. NYCUDL E-Debate Courses Coming Soon! 

Exciting announcement!  During the Holiday Break, our team has been working hard on building out Version 1.0 of free Debate E-Courses for our Members. Our first prototype will be a General Debate 101 Course, September - June (20 weeks, 2 practices/week) so 40 units. General overview of all things debate and all the debate events featured at NYCUDL Tournaments. And shortly after building out debate specific E-Courses for Public Forum Debate, Judges, and starting in September - Policy Debate.  And of course this is Version 1.0 and so very interested in getting any feedback, folks to try it out, ideas for readings, activities, etc. 


3. Middle School States Championships Bids Updates!!! 

At City Championships, each high school can send two teams per division and per event!  Totally up to you what teams!!! Have your own mini tournament! Select based on overall record!!  or other method!  For State Champs however, it is through "bids" - at least 2 winning record tournaments... with the same partner!! More info and bid list on our State Champs website - https://www.debate.nyc/the-new-york-state-debate-championship


4.  Winter Debate Con Registration Open!  January 28th! Click here to sign up! 

Ask your Principal about January 28th which is Chancellor Professional Development Day!!! Teachers have the day just for Professional Development! Students have the day off! With permission, many teachers attend our Debate Educator Conferences instead of in-house school based professional development. Additionally, we are always looking for guest speakers and workshop leaders! Contact us at info@debate.nyc  Breakfast, Lunch, Happy Hour, Networking, and great workshops all day long. Sign Up Now!!!! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/winter-debate-con-2019-conference-for-debate-educators-debate-con-xi-tickets-49553979286


5.  Middle School Tournament #4 Registration  

Reminder - Parliamentary and City Council Debate will be hosted at WHEELS in Washington Heights. Also please check out the topic wording for Parliamentary debate. Public Forum Tournament will be hosted at PS/IS 266 in Queens. FYI this is quite a distance, so please make appropriate plans for transportation. Deadline is still 9am of the day of the tournament because of double flighting and leaving at an appropriate time.




6. TOPICS AND REGISTRATION FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL TOURNAMENT #4!!    Getting Ready for Tournament #4!!!! New topics!!! New Registration! Deadline is always the Monday of the week of the tournament at 5:00pm!  Parliamentary Debate & City Council/Congressional Debate at WHEELS and Public Forum Debate at PS/IS 266 in Queens! 


Middle School Parliamentary Debate Topics for Middle School Tournament #4

    • This House would increase funding for space exploration.

    • This House would close the Rikers Island Jail.

    • This House would grant adolescents the right to their own medical decisions.

Middle School Public Forum Debate Topic for Middle School Tournament #4

Resolved: The United States federal government should prioritize reducing the federal debt over promoting economic growth.

A total of 423 coaches and 1,199 students voted for the resolution. The winning resolution received 65% of the coach vote and 59% of the student vote.


Middle School City Council/Congressional Debate Topics for Middle School Tournament #4

7. Permission Slips! 

All students need to complete a 2018-2019 permission slip for the season!  - https://www.tfaforms.com/348080. And please let us know if you do not see your school on the list. 


8. 2018-2019 Tournament Calendar! Save the dates! 


We have a new calendar system on our website so you can add the Tournament Calendar to your Google Calendar, iCalendar or other feeds. As well as share via social media, Email, etc. Each tournament location is also linked to Google Calendar for directions. And you will also see a button that takes you to Tabroom.com to register for that tournament. Visit our Middle School Calendar: https://www.debate.nyc/ms-calendar


Middle School Tournament Calendar (Parliamentary Debate & City Council Debate Calendar)
9/29 - NYC Middle School Tournament #1  - PS 161 (Confirmed).  CITY COUNCIL DEBATE WORKSHOP! 
11/10 - NYC Middle School Tournament #2 - Marine Park (Confirmed)
12/1 - NYC Middle School Tournament #3 (Inwood Academy (Confirmed)
1/19 - NYC Middle School Tournament #4. WHEELS  (confirmed)
2/9 - NYC Middle School Tournament #5: Hamilton Grange (Confirmed)
3/16-17 (Sat & Sun) - NYC Middle School City Championships (PS 161 & Hamilton Grange Confirmed)
4/13-14  (Sat & Sun)- New York State Debate Championships (Still need a location!)
Middle School Tournament Calendar (Public Forum Debate Calendar)
9/29 - NYC Middle School Tournament #1: IN Tech Academy (Confirmed)
11/10 - NYC Middle School Tournament #2: Hunters Point Community MS (Confirmed)
12/1 - NYC Middle School Tournament #3: In Tech Academy (Confirmed)
1/19 - NYC Middle School Tournament #4: PS/IS 266 (Confirmed)
2/9 - NYC Middle School Tournament #5 -  PS/IS 281 (Confirmed)
3/16-17 (Sat & Sun) - NYC Middle School City Championships: PS 161 & Hamilton Grange (Confirmed)
4/13-14  (Sat & Sun) - New York State Debate Championships (Still need a location!)


9. Introducing You to Your Support Coordinators! Schedule a Visit! Training! Meeting!
We have several School Support Directors who will be your point person with the league to help you with tournament registration, curriculum, and can even schedule several visits and meetings via phone, video or in person. You must be a registered NYCUDL member school to schedule meetings!!! 

a. Middle School Public Forum Debate Director (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island): Mr. Taylor Wofford (taylor@debate.nyc). Click here to Schedule Meeting.

b. Middle School Public Forum Debate Director (Bronx): Ms. Loretta Brady (loretta@debate.nyc). Click here to Schedule Meeting with Loretta for Bronx middle schools!

c. Middle School Parliamentary Debate Director : Mr. Tyler Beattie (tyler@debate.nyc)

d. High School Director: Mr. Aubrey Semple (aubrey@debate.nyc). Click here to Schedule a meeting with Aubrey for high school member schools.


10.  Getting our Updates? Our Weekly Newsletter and Social Media Updates

Thank You for your support to make debate accessible for all! 



Erik Fogel



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