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Middle School Debate Coach Weekly (3/19/18).  Sign Up for Girls Debate Tournament 5pm Today!!! (Monday!)

by Erik Fogel | Mar 19, 2018 10:09:02 AM |

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Hi Everyone!!!  Today 5pm is the deadline to sign up for this FRIDAY'S ALL GIRLS DEBATE TOURNAMENT!! Our second tournament of 2018!   Thank you to Women's Leadership School of Queens for hosting the January Tournament.  Celebrate Women's History Month at the Silberman Graduate School of Social Work.  And something different.. this tournament is on a FRIDAY!!   Further, the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI) will be hosting the morning workshop this Friday and in the afternoon we will be hosting the 2 debate round tournament.  Click here to register!


Second, Middle School State Champs is coming up in April! Sign up below.  Just reminder this is NOT a regular UDL tournament. This is the States Champs and so there are fees for this tournament. We will have a limited number of fee waivers which should be sent out by the end of this week.  Fees go to cover the cost of the tournament, hiring judges, and proceeds go to providing summer debate camp scholarships. So please keep in mind when registering for this tournament... there are fees to this tournament!!!


Third, thank you to everyone for making the Final Rounds of the MIddle School Parliamentary Debate Division.  Our City Champs Tournament ran out of time and so we hosted the Final Rounds in Times Square on Friday. So thank you to Anderson School, Spreyer School, PS 161, and all our judges, volunteers, staff and parents.  And wow what an incredible afternoon of debate. Photos and information on the event - click here. 


Upcoming Events

  • 3/23 (Friday!!!)  - Girls Debate Tournament.  Click here.
  • 4/21-4/22 (Saturday AND Sunday) - Middle School State Championships.  Click here.
  • 6/7 - Spring Debate Educators Conference (Debate Con) & Coach Meeting Happy Hour (Coach Con). Click here.  

Coach Notes! 


1.  Girls Debate League Tournament (3/23)

The topic is women's control over sexual reproduction. The tournament is from 9am-3pm.  Workshop in the morning. Lunch in the afternoon. And two rounds of debate

Registration Link: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=9322


2.  Middle School State Championships (4/21-22)

The States Tournament is April 21st - 22nd.  Reminder this is not a regular season UDL tournament and so there are registration fees for this tournament. So please keep in mind when registering. We have a limited number of fee waivers that will be sent out by next week.  But please keep in mind the registration fees!!! 

Registration Link: https://go.debate.nyc/the-new-york-state-debate-championship


3.  Spring Debate Educators Conference and Evening Coach Council Meeting and Happy Hour

Join us June 7th for our last Debate Con of the year and evening Coach Council Meeting and Happy Hour! Drinks on us! We understand that many coaches are unable to take the day off because it is Chancellors PD Day - while some coaches can. Varies school by school. So in the evening we are hosting an Happy Hour for Coaches at our office and Coach Council Meeting.  More information - https://go.debate.nyc/debate-con


4.  Need Help? Schedule an Outreach Visit, Phone, Email, Chat with our Program Coordinators 

Schedule a visit to your debate practice!  Chat on the phone about any help needed!  Email us questions!  Need someone to talk to!!  Then contact your borough program coordiantor! 

5.  Middle School Debate Topics

a. Parliamentary Debate.  Click here for latest topics.

b. Public Forum Debate. Click here for latest topics.




1. Middle School Tournament Calendar and Registration (Public Forum, Parliamentary)

Click here to register for upcoming tournaments and events on our Middle School Calendar  You can register now for tournaments. The deadline is the Wednesday at 5:00pm the week of the tournament to make any more additions. We do have to close the tournament on Wednesday because we have to make final decisions on food orders, judge numbers, and building space issues. You can also view all Tournament Results.


2.  Middle School State Championships Bid List.  * Students qualified for State Championships



3.  Getting our Updates? Our Weekly Newsletter and Social Media Updates

4. Got Resoures? Check out our Debate Resources Page (Need to be a member of the NYCUDL)



5.  Have you signed up for Debate Con? 

Click here to sign up for our Coach Training sessions which occur on Chancellor Professional Development Days. Besides an awesome day of workshops, resources and training. Its our chance four times a year to CELEBRATE YOU with good food, good snacks, good conversations, and inspiring guest speakers! And contact us if interested in teaching at any of our Teacher Conferences. 


Thank You for your support to make debate accessible for all! 



Erik Fogel



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