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State Championships Registration Deadline is TODAY! MONDAY! 5:00PM!

by Erik Fogel | Mar 31, 2019 11:20:26 AM |

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Hi Everyone!  First, thanks to folks participating in our annual Women's History Month Debate in partnership with the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI)!  Thank you to the Young Women's Leadership School of Queens for hosting!  Second, State Champs!! Last UDL tournament on the schedule... but don't worry plenty of events and opportunities coming up from workshops to Debate Cons! to Saturday scrimmages at the Debate Center! 



Key Dates



April 6th - 7th! Sign up for the State High School Debate Championships!  DEADLINE IS TODAY! MONDAY 5:00PM! REMINDER - THIS IS AN "INVITATIONAL" TOURNAMENT so does have school and team fees! All proceeds go to support the tournament and summer debate scholarships. So Great Cause for Great Tournament! 


State Champs registration is through "bids" - at least 2 winning record tournaments... with the same partner!! More info and bid list on our State Champs website - https://www.debate.nyc/the-new-york-state-debate-championship.   Reminder this is an "invitational tournament" and so there are fees with this tournament! See below - 


Fees: There are fees associated with this tournament because it is an "invitational" tournament and fundraiser for debate camp scholarships!  School fee: $50; Entry fee: $40/team (Parliamentary, Policy and Public Forum); Congressional Debate: $20/entry. Hired judge fee: $150; Drop fee: $25/team. All proceeds go to funding scholarships for our summer debate institutes. All NYC Title I public schools are eligible for a limited number of scholarships to attend debate camps. So thank you for supporting a good cause! 


Fee example for those who are new to "Invitational Tournaments."  Every school is charged a "school fee" for attending. This is $50.00 - no matter if you have 1 debater attending or 500 debaters attending.  And then every school is charged based on each "team" registered whether one or two persons on the team.  The team fee is $40.00/team. So if you bring 1 team, that would be $40 (1 team) +$50 (school fee) for a total of $90.00. If you bring 5 teams that would be $40 X 5 teams = $200 + School Fee of $50 = Total of $250.00.  Also note you should bring your own judges but if you cannot find judges we can fulfill your judge obligation for a total of $150.00 which is the amount of a hired judge.

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