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RSVP for Middle School Debate Fest!  Debate Con XII! End of Year Pot Luck, Awards, Games and More!

by Erik Fogel | Apr 7, 2019 6:50:13 PM |

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Hi Everyone!  First, thank you to everyone for an incredible marathon weekend of debates.  Thank you everyone for making the State Champs possible. Thank you for supporting our Invitational Tournament of the Year. Definitely please share any feedback at info@debate.nyc and/or the survey we send out after each tournament.  As we close out the debate season and school year, many exciting opportunties remain!! RSVP for the End of Year Awards Ceremony and Pot Luck! RSVP for our Debate Con XII! And Daily Show with Trevor Noah Tickets to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week to our incredible debate coaches!  And don't forget to purchase tickets to our annual Spring Fundraiser, "Celebrate Debate" and join us for an evening of drinks, food, raffles and more!  And more to come! 




Key Dates


1. May 7th, 21, 22, 29, June 4th and June 5th..  Daily Show with Trevor Noah Tickets for NYC Debate Coaches on May 7th, 21, 22, 29, June 4th and June 5th.  

Kicking off Teacher Appreciation Week in May, we team up with the Daily Show with Trevor Noah!  One of our favorite programs for high interest current events learning. Each year they offer our Debate Coaches and +1 Guest to attend the Daily Show.  We sent an email out to all NYC Debate Coaches, but please let us know in case you missed.!!!  And of course disclaimer - tickets will run out very quickly so RSVP ASAP!! And even if you RSVP, there is no guarantee of tickets until we let you know from the Show. Also please only RSVP if you are attending 100%!!! Once again thank you for everything you do!!! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


2.  June 5th - Celebrate Debate Spring Fundraiser! Click here to purchase tickets! 

Our annual spring fundraiser to support scholastic debate in New York City! Join us on Wednesday, June 5th for an incredible and inspiring evening to support debate in New York City! Food, drinks, raffles, prizes and more! Click here to purchase tickets! 


3.  June 6th - Debate Educators Conference ("Debate Con XII"). RSVP Now! Click here! 

Join us on Chancellors Professional Development Day for an all day debate workshops! Breakfast, Lunch, debate workshops, guest speakers and more! This workshop also features a student track for High School Team Captains and Student Leaders so please share with your Team Captains. There is a RSVP link on the ticket for Students as well. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spring-debate-con-2019-conference-for-debate-educators-student-leaders-debate-con-xii-tickets-49554149796


4.  June 8th Middle School Debate Fest!!! End of Year Awards! Pot Luck! Games! Debates and More!!!

Join us at the beautiful campus of Hunters Point Community Middle School which overlooks the East River for a day to celebrate the end of the middle school debate season! Pot Luck! Awards! Basketball! Prizes! Raffles! Debates! And More! All NYC Middle School Debate Coaches, Students, Parents, Volunteers and everyone who makes Middle School debate possible! A day to celebrate YOU!  RSVP Now!

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