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MS Coaches Week of October 3rd

by Samantha Siberini | Oct 3, 2019 12:37:48 PM | |


1. Our first tournaments are this Saturday, October 5th (Parliamentary at P.S. 161, Harlem and Public Forum at IN-Tech Academy, the Bronx). Each student MUST fill out a permission slip before the tournament. They will only have to complete it once for the year. The form can be found here: https://www.tfaforms.com/348080

To check who has already filled it out, go here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eNPjl0g9yszpcHHrqJqjtOv8pPOgdZw4_dTTWS9XlN8/edit?ts=5d962280#gid=0


2. Current Topics for Parliamentary Debate 

-This House would require metal detectors in schools.

-This House would require equal pay for male and female athletes.

-This House supports religious and philosophical exemptions for vaccines.


3. Current Topics for Public Forum Debate

-Varsity/Advanced & Junior Varsity/Intermediate: Resolved: The European Union should join the Belt and Road Initiative

-Beginners & Novice: The United States should end the death penalty.


4. We wanted to share some great resources from Teach Debate that may prove helpful with instruction. Here's an Introduction, a Sample Lesson, and a Video.


Thank you for your participation in New York City Urban Debate League. Your passion and dedication will surely lead to a fantastic year of debate!


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