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Middle School Tournament #3

by Amoy Fraser | Dec 3, 2017 7:41:45 PM | |



December 2nd marked 3rd Middle School Tournament which was held at both Inwood Academy and Hunters Point Community Middle School. Thank you for everyone attending Middle School Tournament #3!!! There were participants from 42 schools, which consisted of 439 students, 167 judges, 227 teams and 8 hours of incredible debates on topics including student athletes, social media, juvenile punishment, and graffiti.



Students from schools such as P.S 161, ST. Hope leadership, IS 230, Hunter, MS 243 and more came to show their passion for debate. Parents also came and some decided to sit and watch their children debate and was able to see just how passionate their kids were. Concluding the debates, an award ceremony was held and this rewarded all the passionate participants as the proud parents looked as they cheered.


Thank you to all our coaches, parents, students, volunteers, staff and everyone for making our last middle school tournament of the year so incredible! Thank you to Hunters Point Community Middle School and Inwood Academy for hosting.



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