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Debate in the City

Day 1 of the Middle School Manhattan Debate Institute!

by Erik Fogel | Jul 09, 2019
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Good Luck to NYC Debaters at the Tournament of Championships at the University of Kentucky this weekend!

by Erik Fogel | Apr 23, 2019
This week we shout out our city's top high school debaters who will be competing at the Tournament of Champions this weekend!  Congratulations and Good Luck to Julio Cordero & Rajendra Singh ...
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NYC Students are Top Middle School & High School Debaters in the Nation at the National Urban Debate League Championships at Georgetown University!

by Erik Fogel | Apr 21, 2019
This week we shout out our National Debate Champions at the National Association of Urban Debate League's National Championships at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C!  Over 20 city debate ...
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Congratulations to the New York State Middle School Debate Champions!

by Erik Fogel | Apr 14, 2019
 Thank you everyone for making the 2019 Middle School State Debate Championships possible!!!! 42 schools, 392 students, 158 judges and volunteers. Thank you to PS/MS 15 Institute for Environmental ...
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Congratulations to New York State's High School Debate Champions!!!

by Erik Fogel | Apr 14, 2019
Thank you everyone for attending the 2019 New York State Debate Championships Tournament! 34 Schools, 230 Students, 152 judges, volunteers and staff. Thank you to William Cullen Bryant High School ...
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Remembering Dr. Ken Strange, Director of Darmouth College Debate Team for 35 Years and Debate Coach, Judge & Role Model to all.

by Erik Fogel | Apr 07, 2019
  "I'm a crazy, old man. You are strongly advised to strike me.  If that didn't convince you, I hope the following will…” - first sentence of Dr. Ken Strange's judging paradigm, former Director of ...
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Kirkland & Ellis Debate Invitational

by Erik Fogel | Mar 27, 2019
Kirkland & Ellis Debate Invitational Tournament! The NYC Urban Debate League was honored to partner with Kirkland & Ellis LLP for 4+ years now in hosting the Kirkland & Ellis Debates! Over 90 ...
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High School City Championships Finals!

by Erik Fogel | Mar 24, 2019
Thank you everyone for attending the Finals of the High School City Championships! And what a Final Round it was!!  This was a very special debate tournament on a weekday evening and open to all ...
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Middle School City Debate Championships Results!

by Erik Fogel | Mar 17, 2019
Thank you everyone for attending the New York City Middle School Debate Championships this weekend!  40 Schools, 315 debaters, and 193 judges and volunteers - making this our largest middle school ...
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Celebrating our High School City Champions!!!!

by Erik Fogel | Mar 11, 2019
This week we shout out our High School City Champions! Each high school is invited to send their top four teams. This weekend, 34 high schools, 153 students, and 154 volunteers participated in the ...
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