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High School Tournament #1 Results!

by Erik Fogel | Oct 28, 2018
Thank you everyone for coming out to NYC High School Tournament #1 to kick off the school year. 33 schools, 296 students, 126 judges, staff parents, volunteers, 2 boroughs, 2 locations, 2 topics, 1 ...
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Michelle Obama Invites NYC High School Debate Teams to meet her!

by Erik Fogel | Oct 25, 2018
So we opened up our mail the other week and received a letter from First Lady Michelle Obama! ... just another day in the office!  And even more incredible, First Lady Michelle Obama wrote a letter ...
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NYC Debaters Win Big at the NYC Invitational at Bronx Science!

by Erik Fogel | Oct 14, 2018
Huge shout outs to NYCUDL debaters and schools and the Travel Team for winning big this weekend during three days of intense debates. Bronx Science hosts the NYC Invitational each year - one of the ...
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Michelle Obama & New York City's Great Debaters!

by Erik Fogel | Oct 13, 2018
"When they go low, we go high!" - First Lady Michelle Obama
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Middle School Tournament #1 Results (9/29/18)

by Erik Fogel | Sep 29, 2018
31 Schools, 229 Students, 135 Volunteers, Parents, and Staff, 2 boroughs, 2 tournaments, 2 schools, 3 debate events, 4 divisions, 1 workshop, 10 debate topics = historic debate tournament for New ...
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The End of The Year Middle School Ceremony

by Vernely Marshall | Jun 19, 2018
On June 1st, the New York City Urban Debate League Hosted its annual End of the Year Awards Ceremony at the Hunter's Point Community Middle School. The days consisted of homemade food, sports games, ...
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The End of The Year High school Ceremony

by Vernely Marshall | Jun 19, 2018
On May 31st, New York City Urban Debate League hosted our End of The Year Ceremony. This year we had the honor to host these awards in The Citi Bank National Headquarters. With the amazing view of ...
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Last Tournament of The Year!!!!!

by Vernely Marshall | Jun 15, 2018
Happy Friyay! - We Have Some Great News for You!
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NY State Middle School Debate Championships!  Congratulations to Teams Advancing to Day 2! Good Luck Today!

by Erik Fogel | Apr 22, 2018
Thank you and congratulations to everyone participating in the 2018 Middle School State Debate Championships Tournament! Thank you to In Tech for hosting! Thank you to Tech Duels for Sponsoring! ...
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NYCUDL Alumni Geordano Liriano Becomes #1 College Debate Champion! UNDEFEATED...

by Erik Fogel | Mar 26, 2018
Congratulations to NYCUDL Alumni, Geordano Liriano (Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice) of the University of Iowa who went UNDEFEATED at the CEDA National Debate Championships. Geo and his ...
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