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This is the first year of David's Debates!  David's Debates is New York City's National Qualifying Tournament for the National Association of Urban Debate League's National Championships. The top two scoring teams of the David's Debates received full scholarships to compete this weekend at the National Urban Debate League Championships. Congratulations to ACORN Community High School's Britani Fraser and Miana Vega and Congratulations to Brooklyn Tech High School's Adina Redzic and Alexa Weisberger who were the top two teams in the David Debates! Good luck to both teams this weekend! 

The National Association of Urban Debate League National Championship Tournament is one of the most prestigious and competitive debate tournaments in the nation. Each city across the United States can send their top two teams. The tournament includes four days of competition, workshops, and social opportunities for the nation’s top debaters, coaches, judges, and staff to learn from each other.  For more information about the National Association of Urban Debate League’s National Championship, please visit their website at http://urbandebate.org/What-We-Do/2015-Urban-Debate-National-Championship

A huge shout out to David Budinger.  David Budinger is the Chair of the New York City Urban Debate League and also founding board member of the New York City Urban Debate League. When the city’s prior debate league ended its operations in 2011, David was critical in rebuilding the city’s debate league. A former champion high school debater, life long supporter of debate, judge, and donor to debate teams across the city – we are so thankful and honored to have David apart of the New York City Urban Debate League family. David’s Debates is the New York City Policy Debate National Qualifying Tournament.  The top two teams will receive full scholarships to attend the National Association of Urban Debate League’s National Championship Tournament. The scholarship will cover the cost of travel, housing, meals of debaters, coach, and NYCUDL staff member.  The National Qualifier will feature the top four policy debate teams of the city and will be an evening event of dinner, two debate rounds (Semifinals and Final Round) and awards ceremony.

Finally, a huge shout out to ACORN Community High School for hosting David's Debates! Thank you so much to ACORN Community and the Brooklyn Debate League for hosting! 

Location for the final four of the Policy Debate City Championships: ACORN Community HS – 561 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11238 


3:30pm – Check-in of all teams 

4:00pm – Semifinal Round (Novice) 

6:00pm – Final Round (Novice & Advanced) 

8:00pm - Awards and dinner (for those that can stay after awards) 

Pairings: (Novice) – Semifinals

Queens High School for the Sciences JL (Jiang/Lin) – AFF versus KIPP-AMP CC (Carattini/Collins) – NEG 

Brooklyn Technical BR (Barry/Rahman) and SM (Sagawa/Mahler) 

Pairings: (Advanced) – Championship Round 

ACORN Community FV (Fraser/Vega) – AFF versus Brooklyn Technical RW (Redzic/Weisberger) – NEG 

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