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Celebrating our High School City Champions!!!!

by Erik Fogel | Mar 11, 2019 |

City Championships


This week we shout out our High School City Champions! Each high school is invited to send their top four teams. This weekend, 34 high schools, 153 students, and 154 volunteers participated in the city's most prestigious debate tournament. Students debated over the course of two days at two different high schools. Thank you to NEST+M for hosting the Public Forum Debate Championships and Leon Goldstein HS for hosting the Policy Debate Championships. Thank you to the Citi Foundation and National Association of Urban Debate Leagues for sponsoring the Tournament. Debaters debated the topics of immigration and financial literacy for the Championships. Click here for tournament results!  And our Finalists in Public Forum Debate will debate a third day! Please RSVP to watch and judge the City's High School Champion Final Rounds on March 19th from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Click here to RSVP and for details. The Final rounds of Varsity, Junior Varsity, Novice and Beginners Division High School Public Forum Debate will be public debates with the entire audience judging! Awards, dinner and more will be served! The City's Final Rounds will be open to the public so RSVP now! Additionally, a huge congratulations to our top two policy high school varsity teams who will be representing NYC at the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues' National Championship in our nation's capital. They will compete against the top two teams of every urban debate league in the nation.  See below for complete results!!!! Thank you again for supporting our City's Great Debaters!


Varsity Policy Debate Division

The two teams that will be representing New York City at the National Association of Urban Debate League Championship is Leon Goldstein AF and Brooklyn Tech RS.  Congratulations!!!


Screenshot 2019-03-10 20.52.43



Novice Policy Debate Division

Congratulations to Finalists Brooklyn Tech DV and Mamaroneck ZD in the Novice Policy Debate Division.


Screenshot 2019-03-10 20.53.17




Screenshot 2019-03-10 20.57.53


Screenshot 2019-03-10 20.58.30




Screenshot 2019-03-10 20.58.12


Screenshot 2019-03-10 20.59.00


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