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by Erik Fogel | Jan 29, 2017 |

Debate Con

On Monday, January 30th, the New York City Urban Debate League presents its quarterly "Debate Con" conference - For Debate Educators and By Debate Educators. The day offers numerous workshops in debate, breakfast, lunch, networking, and some incredible keynote speakers that we are so honored to have!
View our sessions below! 
Speakers: Deano Pape
As the largest interscholastic speech and debate organization in the world, the National Speech & Debate Association provides an extensive array of member benefits, including  resourcestournament opportunitiesprofessional developmentscholarship opportunitiesexclusive partnerships, and more. Whether you are a student, starting a new program at your school, coaching for the first time, volunteering your time to a local program, reconnecting with alumni, or advancing your skill set - we're here to support you every step of the way.
Speakers: Jun Yoon
Want to start a debate team at your school but not exactly sure where to begin? The purpose of this session is to share best practices in building a strong debate culture and getting students ready for competitive tournaments. At the end of this seminar, educators will have concrete next steps they can implement to further develop their debate teams.
Speakers: Loretta Brady
Debate Games!  Seriously fun literacy tasks to step up your your team AND reap debate's benefits in your classroom curriculum.
Parliamentary Debate 101 and All Things Debate (Middle School and Elementary School)
Speakers: Tyler Beattie
Welcome to the world of parliamaentary debate - the world's most popular debate event at the collegiate and high school levels and now brought to middle school!  Students study multiple topics each month, practice extemporaneous public speaking and debate skills with limited topic preparation. Students and teachers have the opportunity to vote for topics which is not offered in any other debate event. Taught by Mr. Tyler Beattie, one of the most award winning New York City middle school debate coaches.
Policy Debate - Education Reform Topic Overview
Speakers: Aubrey Semple
This session will focus on the 2017-18 Policy Debate topic on Education Reform, covering core affirmative and negative positions and talk about how to engage policy debate on this particular topic. Flexible for experienced coaches to prospective coaches interested in teaching policy for the first time
Public Forum Debate 101
Speakers: Tim Goodwin
Learn anything and everything about Public Forum Debate!
Youth Leadership Council (Students Only! 8-12th Grade)
Speakers: Calen McGee
The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is high school and 8th grade student leaders from debate teams who are interested in sharing their passion for debate, improving the debate league, getting more involved in the debate league, and applying debate skills to leadership and advocacy. The YLC is open to 8th grade and high school debaters. 1-2 students per school.
Case Building (Explanation of Pathos, Ethos, and Logos as the Basis for Debate) 
Speakers: Tim Goodwin
No matter what debate event you coach - one of the most critical skills of a debater is case building. In this session Mr. Goodwin will introduce the principles of case building.

Drop In Office Hours! Anything and Everything about the Debate League and Debate!

Open office hours with Program Manager Courtney Kaufman on any questions you may have. How do I start a debate team?  How do I register my students for a debate tournament? How do I start coaching? How do I get involved with the debate league? How do I use Tabroom.com?  Debate lesson ideas?  And more!  Expert Courtney Kaufman can walk you through anything and everything about debate!

How to Win Debates: Weighing Impacts!
Speakers: Aubrey Semple

This session will focus on how to teach one of the most challenging yet imperative debate theories in an academic competitive debate, impact assessment. This session will address concepts on weighing various forms of impacts in a given debate. This workshop is flexible for any debate format (Policy, PF or MS Parliamentary Debate)
Ethical & Successful Research (How to on Finding Good Evidence)
Speakers: Tim Goodwin
Learn anything and everything about the research process in debate!
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