Michelle Obama Invites NYC High School Debate Teams to meet her!

by Erik Fogel | Oct 25, 2018 |

High School Debate League, Neonne Ameer

becoming michelle obama

So we opened up our mail the other week and received a letter from First Lady Michelle Obama! ... just another day in the office!  And even more incredible, First Lady Michelle Obama wrote a letter about the NYC Urban Debate League and invited our high school debaters to attend her event at Barclays in Brooklyn for her Book Tour "Becoming." And so we write this to express our incredible thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama. In 2012 the First Lady invited the New York City Urban Debate League to the White House and honored us with the White House Youth Award as one of the top youth organizations in the nation. Champion Debater Starr Arroyo of the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice delivered a speech in the White House to First Lady Michelle Obama and hundreds of guests. Click here for the Video!  And now we are honored to announce to all our high school debate teams that each school is invited to attend Michelle Obama's Book Tour event at the Barclays Arena in December! 100 NYC high school debaters, teachers, coaches and staff will attend the event!  Thanks again to First Lady Michelle Obama and her support for urban debate leagues across the nation! Click here for her letter! 


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