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Thanks everyone for attending our Middle School Parliamentary Debate Tournament on Saturday.  Over 60 teams and nearly 200 students debated on Saturday!  Thank you so much to Coach Tyler Beattie and PS 161 for hosting the wonderful tournament!  Thanks to all our volunteers, judges, staff, parents, teachers, coaches and students for making this event so successful.  Thank you to the Jack Cooke Foundation for presenting on scholarship opportunities for our Great Debaters!  Thank you to Stuyvesant High School for top debaters presenting in Parliamentary Debate and Student Congress!  Thank you to Coach Beattie and PS 161 for the wonderful talent show as well at the tournament! 

The topics for the tournament included:

1. This House will pass the Equal Rights Amendment.
2. This House would prohibit children from using social media.
3. This House would ban school suspensions.
These will also be the same topics for the State Championships tournament coming up this Saturday! 
Thanks everyone again! 
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