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Valentines Day Debate Invitational Results!

Shout outs to everyone for our First Valentines Day Debate Invitational Tournament!  Thank you to One World Middle School and the Bronx Debate League for hosting the Tournament!  The debate topics of the day included : (1) This House believes the Common Core does more harm than good; (2) This House believes that police officers should be required to wear body cameras; (3) This House believes that America is on the decline; (4) Schools should end suspensions.  Thank you to all our incredible staff, volunteers, coaches, teachers parents, students and everyone for participating!  Between the beginning of Winter Break, the beginning of Presidents Day Weekend, the beginning of another snowfall, and the beginning of a bunch of public transportation problems - we did not think we would have much of a turnout.  We were wrong!  Fantastic turnout of schools, over 300 participants, a full schedule of elective workshops after the three rounds of debate, and Valentines goodies and snacks all day!  So thank you so much for everyone making this such a wonderful tournament experience! Thank you also to Coach Katz of One World Middle School for hosting and having an incredible army of volunteer students to help run the tournament! Thank you to our incredible workshop leaders, John Rodda, Frank Zhao, and NYULD staff!  Mr. Zhao taught an incredible workshop on case writing for parliamentary debate.  Mr. Rodda taught an incredible session on Points of Information.  And NYCUDL Staff coordinated our new supplemental debate division of NYC Youth City Council which is modeled after Student Congress - one of the largest high school debate events in the nation. Congratulations to our inaugural youth city councilmembers! 


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