High School Tournament #1 Results!

by Erik Fogel | Oct 28, 2018 |

Tournament Results


Thank you everyone for coming out to NYC High School Tournament #1 to kick off the school year. 33 schools, 296 students, 126 judges, staff parents, volunteers, 2 boroughs, 2 locations, 2 topics, 1 workshop, and Halloween Candy for all!  Thank you to Leon Goldstein High School for hosting the Policy Debate Tournament. Thank you to Beacon High School for hosting the Public Forum Debate Tournament. The policy debate resolution was on immigration reform. And the public forum debate topic was on the United Nations Law of the Seas.  


The day began with a letter by Michelle Obama (click here).  First Lady Michelle Obama invited over 100 high school debaters from the NYC Urban Debate League to her speech at the Barclays in December!  At Beacon High School we also hosted a workshop for about 40-50 beginner debaters. And the rest of the day was all debates! 


Thank you for all our participating schools:  American Studies, Asbury Park High School, Banneker, Bard Manhattan, Bard Queens, BASIS Brooklyn, Beacon School, Brooklyn Latin School, Brooklyn Tech, BSGE Debate Team, DeWitt Clinton High School, Dual Language, EPIC High School South, Garden School Debate Team Hunter College HS, IN-Tech, Institute for Collaborative Education, Izquierdo, Lakeland, Leadership and Public Service High School, Leon M. Goldstein HS, Long Branch HS, Mamaroneck HS, Maspeth HS, Midwood High School, Pelham Lab High School, Queens High School for Language Studies, Stuyvesant HS, The Bronx High School Of Science, The Chapin School, The Clinton School, Thomas Edison High School, UDL Debate Club, William Cullen Bryant HS


Finally, thank you to all the incredible passion of all urban debate supporters - volunteers, parents, families, alumni and everyone who make these days so special. Thank you. 


HS Tournament #1 Photo Album



See below for the results of each event and division! 


Novice Public Forum Debate Team Awards



Novice Public Forum Speaker Awards



Novice Policy Debate Team Awards



Novice Policy Debate Speaker Awards



Varsity Public Forum Debate Team Awards



Varsity Public Forum Debate Speaker Awards



Varsity Policy Debate Team Awards



Varsity Policy Debate Speaker Awards



Beginner Public Forum Debate Speaker Awards



Beginner Public Forum Debate Team Awards






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