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Tournament Results, Middle School Quality Initiative


MSQI Debate Results - October 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you to MS 45 for hosting our first MSQI Debate Tournament of the 2014-2015 school year, and thank you to all the students and coaches who attended. Over 100 students from 14 schools competed.  Regardless of each student’s and each school's placement in the competition, your debaters were all winners by engaging in a text-based, rigorous, academic activity. Debate has been shown to improve students reading, writing, speaking, listening, research and critical thinking skills.

Special congratulations go out to the following students/schools:

Team Awards:
1st place - Angellina A/Aayusha D - Hunters Point
2nd place - Nathalia D/Maya B - K318
3rd place - Fauth A/Daniel A - Young Scholars
4th place - Mariena C/Olga L - K318
5th place - Audrey A/Jalene T - Hunters Point

Speaker Awards:
1st place - Amberlynne R - North Star Academy
2nd place - Sophie L - Hunters Point
3rd place - L'Hussen T - X101
4th place - Chelsea C - North Star
5th place - Dion J - X045

Sweepstakes Awards (most overall wins by school)
1st place - Hunters Point
2nd place - North Star Academy
3rd place - Q109
4th place - K318
5th place - In-Tech Academy

1. Hunters Point - Mr. Piscitello/Ms. Halloran
2.  North Star Academy - Ms. Li/Ms. Bigaud
3.  Q109 - Mr. Michelot
4.  K318 - Mr. Robey
5.  In-Tech Academy - Ms. Spadaccini
6.  Kappa V - Ms. Shaw
7.  X045 - Mr. Doran
8.  K088 - Mr. Cirone
9.  Eagle Academy - Ms. Winn-Williams
10.  Young Scholars Academy - Mr. Yapkowitz
11.  X101 - Ms. Conlon/Ms. Dziuma
12.  M670 - Ms. Williams/Ms. Kadi
13.  X131 - Ms. Wheal
14.  X370 - Mr. Grippo

The next MSQI debate tournament will be on Saturday, January 10, at Brooklyn Tech.  The resolution is "Resolved that the benefits of nuclear energy outweigh its potential risks." (WG Series 2, Week 9).  I look forward to seeing your students in action on January 10.

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