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MSQI Tournament #3 Results

Thank you everyone for attending the Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) Debate Tournament #3!  25 schools, over 108 debate teams, and over 200 debaters participated in the tournament - our largest MSQI tournament yet!  First, thank you so much to the Middle School Quality Initiative and the NYC Department of Education for making these debate education opportunities possible.  Second, thank you to our hosts (again!) MS 45 - Thomas Geordano Middle School! Third, thank you to the Bronx School of Science Debate Team for bringing so many judges and volunteers.  Finally, thank you to all our judges, volunteers, students, coaches, teachers, and staff for making this tournament possible!  The debate topic was on physician assisted suicide and students had the opportunity to debate both the Pro and the Con perspectives over three rounds of debate.  There were also fantastic workshops after Round 3 featuring admissions to the specialized science high schools, public forum debate skills, case building skills, crossfire skills and Student Congress. Thank you to all our workshop instructors.


Complete Results

School Sweepstakes Awards

Speaker Awards

Team Awards

Tournament Schematics

School Sweepstakes Awards

1st Place - Hunters Point Community

2nd Place - MS 45

3rd Place - North Start Academy (MS 340)

4th Place - IS 109

5th Place - MS 318

6th Place - JHS 88

7th Place - In-Tech Academy

8th Place - JHS 118 William Niles

9th Place - KAPPA V

10th Place - JHS 14

Top Speaker Awards

1st Place - Angelina Araya (Hunters Point)

2nd Place - Aayusha Duwadi (Hunters Point)

3rd Place - Sofia Kosmidis Jaramillo (Hunters Point)

4th Place - Syvanna Bay (MS 101)

5th Place - Leah Lalijie (IS 109)

6th Place - Jennifer Sherpa (Hunters Point)

7th Place - Meresha Henry (School of Diplomacy)

8th Place - Olga Lipinski (MS 318)

9th Place - Luisiana Navvaro (MS 318)

10th Place - L’Hussen Toure (MS 101)

Top Team Awards

1st Place - Jennifer Sherpa and Marzia Haque (Hunters Point)

2nd Place - Angelina Araya and Aya Ismail (Hunters Point)

3rd Place - Salma Hamed & Julia Bejan (Hunters Point)

4th Place -  Mahammadou Gningue and Dion Jahjaga (MS 45)

5th Place - Aniqa Tasnim and Ianah Bantay (Hunters Point)

6th Place - Elizabeth Krekoukis and Liam Dussek (Hunters Point)

7th Place - Maya Bybel and Nathalia Dzielynska (MS 318)

8th Place -  Ellamarie Sanchez and Yalia Acevedo (Hunters Point)

9th Place - Crystal Gamez Minor and Zoja Misut (Hunters Point)

10th Place - Amberlynne Rodriguez and Chelsea Crandall (North Star)

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