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NYC Debate Teams up with the Middle School Quality Initiative

by Erik Fogel | Oct 14, 2013 |

Middle School Quality Initiative

Thanks to Mr. Ben Honoroff, the NYC Department of Education and the Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI), New York City is embarking on one of the largest middle school education reform initiatives in the country by bringing debate to every middle school.  The Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) is a literacy roadmap to meeting the City Wide Instructional Expectations (CIE). The MSQI team works closely with participating school teams to collectively implement and refine a set of research based adolescent literacy practices. The ultimate goal is to establish successful models that result in significant progress in increasing the overall percentage of eighth grade students that are graduating reading on or above grade level, thereby ensuring that greater numbers of young adolescents are securely on the pathway to high school, college, and career success.  MSQI is centered on five of the components that Reading Nextidentified as key to improving adolescent literacy. These five MSQI Core Pillars include: (1) Reading Screening and Monitoring; (2) CCLS Literacy Across the Content Areas; (3) Strategic Reading Tutoring for All Students; (4) Teacher Teams; (5) Continuous Professional Development.  For more about the MSQI Debate program, please visit the Department of Education's website - https://sites.google.com/site/schools-nyc-gov-msqi-teams-edition-backup/home.
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