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Participating MSQI Schools and Teachers!

by admin | Mar 27, 2015 |

Middle School Quality Initiative


We would like to give a huge shout out to the participating schools and teachers that have pioneered debate education opportunities with the Middle School Quality Initiative. Being a debate coach is one of the most difficult responsibilities.  During school practices, after school practices, weekend tournaments, summer debate institutes, year round programs, topics and curriculum that changes every month, competition that never ends from local to city to regional to national to international, and the responsibilities go on and on. But that is why academic debate is history's oldest and most rigorous academic program.  That is why over half of US Congressional Representatives were members of their speech and debate teams. That is why debate is one of the most sought after extracurricular activities of colleges.  That is why so many US Presidents and Supreme Court Justices were debaters.  That is why so many people who changed the world from Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr. to Malcolm X were on their school's debate teams. That is why the nation's first African American Supreme Court Justice, first Hispanic American Supreme Court Justice, and the first woman Supreme Court Justice - were all champion debaters.  That is why study after study shows debate is one of the best ways to prepare youth for college, career and academic success. That is the President of the United States in a speech to all students nationwide asked that all students try out for the debate team because you may not know you could be the next president of supreme court justice.  That is why we salute all the pioneering teachers of the MSQI debate initiative and that is why we salute EVERY debate coach and teacher in the world.

2014-2015 Participating Schools/Coaches

1.    Q291 – Mr. Piscitello/Ms. Halloran
2.    K340 – Ms. Li/Ms. Bigaud
3.    Q109 – Mr. Michelot
4.    K318 – Mr. Robey
5.    X368 – Ms. Spadaccini/Ms. Spector
6.    K518 – Ms. Shaw
7.    X045 – Mr. Doran/Ms. Calpin/Ms. Fox
8.    K088 – Mr. Cirone/Ms. Gibson
9.    X231 – Ms. Winn Williams
10.  X289 – Mr. Yapkowitz
11.  X101 – Ms. Conlon/Ms. Dziuma
12.  M670 – Ms. Williams
13.  X131 – Ms. Wheal
14.  X370 – Mr. Grippo
15.  X459 – Ms. Kemp
16.  K157 – Ms. Johnson/Mr. Mendez
17.  K050 – Mr. Warren/Mr. Mason
18.  X447 – Ms. Cabarcas/Mr. Nieves
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