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Summer Debate Tournament #1 Results!

by Erik Fogel | Jul 19, 2017 | |
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  We kicked off New York City's first summer debate tournament at the Harlem Debate Institute last weekend! Thank you to all our incredible staff, volunteers, students and families for making this tournament possible. Congratulations to all participants.


Click here for Complete Tournament Results!


Click here for the Harlem Summer Debate Institute Photo Album!


Congratulations to our Top Twenty Speakers in Parliamentary Debate!


Antoine DuQuesnay (Green Lab DGG)

Green LabJeremy Merejo (Green Lab RCM)

Green LabKhadim Mar (Yellow Lab KZM)

Erica James (Purple Lab HJM)

Mason Mercier (Red Lab MK)

Caleb Bates (Blue Lab BCB)

Caroline Xiao (Brown Lab HXM)

Miracle Battle (Blue Lab BCB)

Yariel Pena (Yellow Lab CP)

Nyomi Russo (Green Lab RCM)

Sean Correa (Green Lab RCM)

Anthony Chevalier (Yellow Lab CP)

Daira Delgado (Orange Lab DCK)

Maxine Moreno (Brown Lab CM)

Tajiri Wilson (Blue Lab SWS)

Kiera McManus (Orange Lab MJM)

Rosdely Ciprian (Blue Lab BCB)

Manny Pena (Blue Lab MP)

Natalie Moreno (Red Lab EPM)

Bina Klein (Red Lab MK)Red Lab


Congratulations to our Top Ten Speakers in Public Forum Debate!


Declan Gunn (Pink Lab)

Melissa Jimenez (Pink Lab JL)

Oscar Luckett (Pink Lab JL)

John Lohier (Pink Lab LG)

Tage Mehta (Silver Lab MT)

Jevor Richardson (Silver Lab ER)

Jermica Jackson (Pink Lab/Silver Lab JA)

Amady Sow (Pink Lab SS)

Favour Edosa (Silver Lab ER)

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