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Debate in the City

New York City Travel Team Dominates the Harvard Tournament!

by admin | Feb 18, 2015
The NYC Travel Debate Team travels to monthly out of state tournaments including Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, and many other tournaments during the year and our schools consistently win these ...
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Brooklyn Tech Qualifies for the Tournament of Champions... Again!!!!!!!!!!

by admin | Feb 16, 2015
The Harvard University High School Invitational is the largest and most competitive high school tournament in the nation.  Over 96 Varsity teams from across the nation competed.  Huge congratulations ...
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by admin | Feb 15, 2015
Update from Brown Rudnick Travel Team: After 4 rounds of debates at the Harvard National Invitational, 5 teams from ACORN Community and Brooklyn Technical High School have qualified for the ...
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NYCUDL Program Director Aubrey Semple Wins Top After School Award!

by admin | Jan 23, 2015
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NYC Travel Team Wins Big at Massachusets!

by admin | Jan 19, 2015
As we move into a new week of debate in the NYCUDL, we've concluded a great weekend of debates in NYC and outward. The Brown Rudnick Travel Team attended the 2015 Lexington Winter Invitational at ...
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by admin | Jan 16, 2015
School Sweepstakes Awards
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NYC High School #2 Tournament Results

by Erik Fogel | Dec 14, 2014
NEW YORK CITY HIGH SCHOOL TOURNAMENT #2 12/13/14 TOURNAMENT RESULTS! School Sweepstakes Awards 1st Place - Brooklyn Technical High School 2nd Place - Institute for Collaborative Education 3rd Place - ...
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NYC Middle School Tournament #3 Results!

by Erik Fogel | Dec 07, 2014
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Largest Middle School Tournament in NYC History with 500+ Debaters!

by Erik Fogel | Dec 07, 2014
This week we celebrate our Middle School and Elementary School Debaters!  Over 500 students competed this weekend, 161 judges volunteered, and 39 schools participated in the largest middle school ...
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2014-2015 Policy Debate Topic Announced!

by Erik Fogel | Jan 10, 2014
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