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The NYCUDL Scholars Varsity Debate Institute!



Shout outs to the NYCUDL Scholars Varsity Debate Institute which kicked off this week! This is our first year of the Varsity Debate Institute! 2 weeks, 9:00am-5:00pm each day, half of the day in the classroom and the other half of the day in the library. Huge shout outs to an amazing camp faculty which has doznes of Tournament of Champions Bids combined! But more important than trophies and national titles - incredible and inspirational educators that we are honored to have this summer in sharing their passion for debate and empowering our next generation of debaters and leaders.  Thank you to our incredible students attending the camp!!!  Some folks take a break during summer vacation - and you are studying in the library for hundreds of hours!  Incredible and inspirational! Thank you everyone for making the first Scholars Camp such a success.  


Shout outs to our Instructors: 


Ignacio Evans

Ignacio has been involved in debate since 2006, and has debated for the Baltimore Urban Debate League and as well as Towson University. As a debater, he co-created several innovative critical arguments such as Black Rage, Nommo (Cultural CP), Black Framework, Quare, and Anti-Blackness to name a few. As an assistant coach at Towson University, he developed several successful debate teams and cultivated several national college policy debate champions (in 2014-15 with Towson University and 2016 with University of Vermont.) Ignacio’s coaching success extends to high school students as well, allowing him to be involved with numerous programs in various UDLs across the United States. We are elated and proud to have Ignacio Evans as a policy debate instructor at the 2017 NYCUDL Scholars Camp for Policy Debate. 


Harrison Giovannelli

Harrison Giovannelli is a current senior at the Bronx High School of Science. He has been a member of the school's Public Forum Debate Squad for four years, serving as Squad Captain in his senior year. Throughout his career, he has won the Valley Mid America Cup as well as the Lakeland Tournament, qualified to the Tournament of Champions twice, and reached elimination rounds at tournaments such as Yale, Emory, Princeton, Blake, Scarsdale, Ridge, Capitol, and more. Beyond competition, Harrison has also taught with the NYCUDLin many different ways, helping coach the Anderson Middle School Debate Team and working at the NYCUDL's Summer Institutes and Weekend Debate Centers. Next year, Harrison will begin college at the University of Chicago, where he plans to major in Economics and Computer Science.
Ben Koch
I debated for four years at Bronx Science and will be attending the University of Chicago next fall. I qualified to the Tournament of Champions twice, and earned numerous speaker awards at top-level national tournaments. Debate was the center of my high school experience, and I consider it to be the most important part of my development. It taught me important research, public speaking, and social skills that will stay with me forever, and built friendships that will last a lifetime.
Aubrey Semple

2015 Winner of the Partnership for After School Education’s PASEsetter award as top after school educator in New York City! Aubrey is an alumni of the NYCUDL and has been an award winning NYCUDL student debater, coach, volunteer, tabroom director, and Director of our High School Summer Debate Institute. As Program Director, Aubrey is responsible for all day to day programming, tournaments, outreach, summer camps and everything else to to provide the best debate education opportunities for NYC youth and teachers. Aubrey was the former debate coach at Brooklyn Technical High School and has been coaching for over seven years at various high schools throughout New York City. Aubrey has coached several championship caliber policy debate teams including New York State Debate Coaches Association (NYSDCA) State Champions in Novice (2014) and Junior Varsity (2012) and Co-Champions in Varsity Policy Debate (2013). As a coach, his debaters qualified for elimination rounds in nearly every national circuit tournament including Champions of the New York Invitational at Bronx Science (2013), Quarterfinals at the Harvard Invitational (2013) and qualifying a team to the Tournament of Champions (2014) at the University of Kentucky. Aubrey received his B.A. from City University of New York in United States History with a concentration in American History and Urban Studies.

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