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Thank You to Wharton Business School & PennPac!

by Erik Fogel | Jan 18, 2014 |



Thank You to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and PennPac for their pro bono support for the New York City Urban Debate League.  PennPAC's mission is to create socially beneficial impact by utilizing the intellectual talents and professional skills of University of Pennsylvania alumni to assist non-profit organizations with their business and management needs.  Each semester they select the top nonprofits to partner with and the New York City Urban Debate League was selected for their Spring Projects!  Thank you Board Member, Ralph Pagan, and Anne Turner, Peter Dreyer and Jackie Astrof of PennPac, and all of PennPac and the Wharton School for supporting nonprofits across the nation to change the world!  Thank You!

More about PennPac

PennPAC’s mission is to harness the intellectual talents and professional skills of alumni of the University of Pennsylvania in a meaningful and socially beneficial way.

PennPAC recruits and creates teams of University of Pennsylvania alumni-volunteers to provide pro-bono project-based consulting services to New York City and Philadelphia-based non-profits.  PennPAC is managed by an Executive Board. In New York, PennPAC works closely with the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Association of New York City (PennNYC).  In Philadelphia, PennPAC is a part of the Penn Alumni Club of Philadelphia.

Penn alumni, who are matched by PennPAC into small project teams based on the capabilities of the consultants and the needs of the client, undertake an 8-10 week strategic consulting engagement.  Projects are well–defined with tangible deliverables geared towards creating an actionable set of recommendations for each client.  Through the consulting engagements, PennPAC's clients benefit from outside perspectives and access to skill-sets that may not exist within their organizations.

PennPAC consultants are alumni at various stages of their careers and from many industries drawn from the over 40,000 Penn alumni in the New York City and Philadelphia area.  Projects are conducted on a seasonal basis – in the fall and the spring.  In addition to client consulting projects, PennPAC alumni-volunteers can participate in the annual one-night ImPACt Event or work on internal operations teams.

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