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by Erik Fogel | Jan 18, 2014 |



Article Excerpted from http://www.nationalforensicleague.org/aspx/nav.aspx?navid=546

FAQs: What's In a Name?

As we embark on our transition from the National Forensic League to the National Speech & Debate Association, we wanted to provide you with answers to some frequently asked questions we’ve received from our members. We hope this guide will help you when speaking with others about the name change.
Q. How was the new name chosen?
A.  The historic vote occurred May 17, 2013, following two years of careful study by the Board of Directors, which included professional branding and naming consultation, legal trademark consultation, discussions with district leadership, nationwide membership surveys, and a series of four virtual public meetings in which members could express their views. You asked and we listened to your invaluable feedback.
Q. Why is the name being changed?
A.  As a communication organization, we need to effectively communicate who we are and what we do. There is a common misunderstanding of “NFL” or “forensics,” including confusion with the National Football League or crime scene investigation; changing our name to focus on the activity of speech and debate will appeal to more students, coaches, alumni, sponsors, and the general public. We believe rebranding the organization as the National Speech & Debate Association will help us strengthen existing relationships, build new partnerships, increase national and local support for speech and debate, and allow us to pursue our mission to the fullest potential.
Q. What name and logo should we be using?
A.  We are beginning to use National Speech & Debate Association on all external communications. While this will be an ongoing process, we encourage you to begin using National Speech & Debate Association in your conversations, as well.
Q. Can we shorten the name?
A.  We’re encouraging everyone to use “National Speech & Debate Association.” Our online and print publications may also reference “the Association” when it makes sense to do so in context, but we do not plan to use the acronym. One of our goals for rebranding is to gain more recognition of our activity, and we encourage members to reference “speech and debate” as opposed to “forensics” as much as possible.
Q. How will this affect the honor societies such as the National Junior Forensic League?
A.  We will continue to differentiate between the middle and high school programs and honor societies. We will refer to each group as the High School Honor Society or the Middle School Honor Society, but will retain the traditional insignia markings.
Q. What won’t be changing?
A.  Our traditional honor society insignia, including seals, pins, and keys, will remain the same, as will the tenets of our Code of Honor.
We connect, support, and inspire middle, high school, and collegiate speech and debate.
Q. What changes are next?
A.  Our main website URL will be changing to www.speechanddebate.org in mid-January. You will also see our social media handles change soon.
Q. When will the rebranding be complete?
A.  Everything will be rebranded the National Speech & Debate Association by the beginning of next school year (fall of 2014).
Q. How do we contact national office staff?
A.  Moving forward, all emails will come from the National Speech & Debate Association. To continue receiving our updates, please save  director@speechanddebate.org and  vicki.pape@speechanddebate.org in your address book. Also update any staff email addresses that you use to the new “speechanddebate.org” domain.

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