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Margaret Miller Interview

by Amoy Fraser | Oct 6, 2017 4:53:44 PM | |
DLDeobpU8AIQoc1-285926-edited-329218-edited-389683-edited.jpg Click here for video!
A Policy Debate Workshop was conducted on Sunday October 1st which consisted of passionate debaters from various schools. Some debaters were participating for the first time while others were well experienced. Among the new debaters is Margaret Miller, an 8th grader. She stated she joined debate team at her school due to her constant raving of her schoolmates and friend. Despite this being her first year debating, she enoys it and hopefully wants to continue through into college. Above is the link to Margaret's full interview. Enjoy! Sign up for one of our future workshops or volunteer at our tournaments on our website. http://debate.nyc/
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