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Second Girls Debate League Workshop

by Amoy Fraser | Nov 5, 2017 6:41:58 PM | |





The New York City Urban Debate League held their second Girls debate League workshop on Saturday November 4th,2017. This workshop included a range of sessions throughout the day which included talking about what confidence means to the girls and also being confident in debate. The first activity involved each girl speaking on a moment in which they are most confident, what having confidence means to them and also a moment they didn't feel confident. Mandy stated that being confident involves being sure of yourself and not letting anyone tell you convince you otherwise. Another participant, Caroline, stated that she is confident when she has variety of things to say during a speech and gets excited and talks faster when she does. Contrary to speaking at a fast rate, she finds balance between speed and clarity. Each girl stated their moments of confidence:


Uma- “Confidence is knowing what you are saying and being clear and precise about what you are talking about.”


Angelina: “A moment in which i felt confident was speaking in front of my class on a book report i did.”


Anabella: “I feel confident around my friends.”


Elizabeth: Being confident is “being assertive and not being shaky.”


In addition to this, the girls were placed in groups of four and had 10-15 minutes in which they drew a person that they believe have confidence. Some of these drawings included a drawing of a girl in a cape which signifies strength, fearlessness and the willingness to help others.


Contrary to this, a participant mentioned a time she didnt feel confident was during one of her speech. Her opponent constantly was  cutting her off during her speech and in that moment she felt unworthy and felt as though no one was listening to what she had to say, especially since the judge did not say anything and pretended as though nothing happened. She stated that one thing she would say to herself is to stand up and not be afraid to point out what is wrong. 





 On these drawing the girls came up with various words in which confeidence was involved. In the end the common messgae for confidence was simply being yourself and not changing for anyone. Overall, the Girl's Debate workshop was a success and filled with confident girls who know what they stand are and are passionate about debate.  

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