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Gene Wilder the High School Debater! Remembering Gene Wilder, Actor, Comedian, Philanthropist, and High School Debater!

by Erik Fogel | Sep 2, 2016 11:22:17 PM |

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“On stage or in the movies, I could do whatever I wanted to, I was free.” - Gene Wilder.

Before he was Willy Wonka, he was on the high school debate team at Washington High School in Milwaukee! (see links below)! On August 29th, the world lost one of our great actors and comedians, Gene Wilder. From Willy Wonka to Blazing Saddles to Stir Crazy to Young Frankenstein to Saturday Night Live to co-founding Gilda’s Club to combat cancer, Wilder blazed through life giving everyone a smile. Wilder started acting at the age of 8, when his mother was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and the doctor told him to "try and make her laugh.” He has never stopped making the world laugh and even in his passing, his incredible lifetime of comedy work will make us smile and laugh eternally. Gene Wilder also co-founded Gilda’s Club to combat cancer after his wife and his mother passed from ovarian cancer. ”Gene Wilder was one of the funniest and sweetest energies ever to take a human form. If there's a heaven he has a golden ticket.” (Jim Carrey) "One of the truly greatest talents of our time." (Mel Brooks).

"That's all I wanted: for someone to look at me and listen to me, but in some beautiful and artistic way.” - Gene Wilder



CBS58 News


“Gene Wilder and the Art of Projecting Your Humanity”



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