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Why an undefeated high school debate team refuses to compete at Liberty University this weekend

by Erik Fogel | Apr 24, 2016 3:25:15 AM |

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Article by two undefeated Virginia High School Debaters, Fatima Shahbaz and Jessica Boyer, in boycott of the Virginia State Debate Championships at Liberty University this weekend. Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr's had made controversial remarks about Muslims and urged Liberty's 10,000 students to carry concealed guns. The high school debaters write, "Through this boycott, we hope to further discourse in the debate community, across the state, and even throughout the country, that emphasizes the importance of distinguishing (and, in extreme cases, recognizing that there is a difference) between Muslims and terrorist extremists. Highlighting the importance of this distinction, whether it be in one’s beliefs or simply one’s diction, ultimately will be more significant than winning a trophy. As we make efforts to assist in ending the discrimination so often exhibited towards millions of American Muslims, we make efforts to bring about real change."


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